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An Analysis of ICD-10, CPT®, and E/M Coding Over Five Years

Coding affects every aspect of the urgent care experience. Accurate coding creates reliable medical records for patients that travels with them throughout their entire lives and provides vital information to future caregivers. Just as important, coding affects your clinics’ success. In this issue, we explore urgent care coding trends over the last five years. We look at ICD-10, CPT®, and E/M codes and share insights into what these trends mean for on-demand healthcare providers.  

In this volume, we explore:  

  • Coding trends over the last five years
  • Most common urgent care diagnoses codes 
  • Regional coding trends
  • Bonus: 2017-2018 flu trends


About the Urgent Care Quarterly

In each issue, DocuTAP dives deep into a relevant data set, breaks it down in meaningful ways, and delivers in-depth articles—all based on real, discrete data. Using this data, you can make better choices to improve patient care and be more profitable. 

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An Analysis of Reimbursement Changes Over the Years

Simply put, reimbursement per visit is one of the easiest things to watch to predict revenue and potential success. In this issue of Urgent Care Quarterly, we explore 2013–2016 trends for urgent cares both by region and nationally.

Topics Covered:  

  • Average reimbursement per visit  
  • Factors that affect reimbursement  
  • Patient vs. payer reimbursement trends 
  • Key performance indicators
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